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The Band.                  

“I know that one day Veronica and I are gonna get married on top of a mountain, and there's going to be flutes playing and trombones and flowers and garlands of fresh herbs.  And we will dance till the sun rises.  And then our children will form a family band.  And we will tour the countryside and you won't be invited.” – Ron Burgundy (Anchorman)


That’s pretty much our story too—except we brought Uncle Jeff along, and you’re invited also!

The Sea Monks Noah Kai Jason Kapchinske

 What is a sea monk, you ask?

The Legend.

On a dark, dreary December day in 1546, off the eastern coast of the Danish island of Zealand, the mysterious Sea Monk was captured by a band of toothless and drunken fishermen.  The mighty creature was brought to the king of Poland, who exhibited it to a group of bishops.  When the creature made signs with its slippery limbs, begging to be released back to the blue depths of its salty home, the king and clergy obliged. Thence the mighty Sea Monk was carted back to the mysterious blue ocean by a team of filthy, half-starved oxen, where it disappeared beneath the riotous waves… until now.


A band of Sea Monks is back—risen from the blue depths to put the salt back in your soul. So whip out your can of jive sauce and join The Sea Monks on their mission of plunk, twang and bwow-chcka-bwow! ... why not?

The Front Man. 

Born with a love of rockabilly, blues and outlaw country, Noah "The Flying Aardvark" Kapchinske is doing his part to keep roots music alive.  Noah also plays guitar in the band The Go Heads, and he has studied guitar for several years with the great roots blues guitarist Robin Henkel.  From The Man in Black to Dale Watson, Noah has studied his musical heroes, and he’s ready to play it forward!

Noah Kapchinske The Sea Monks.jpg

The Bassist.         

When he's not working his 9-5 to pay rent, Jason Kapchinske is living the dream—playing music he loves with his sons!  After studying violin as a kid then plucking a mandolin intermittently, Jason finally graduated to the bass when Noah and Kai said they needed someone to hit the low notes.

Jason Kapchinske The Sea Monks.jpg

The Drummer.

Kai Kapchinske may be younger than the rest, but make no mistake he holds the whole thing together.  From driving a steady train beat to locking down swampy syncopation, Kai finds the groove.  Oh, and he sings too!

Kai Kapchinske The Sea Monks.jpg

And on Guitar...

Jeff "Uncle Jeffe" Houck joined the band in 2018, adding a rocking layer of country twang with his sparkly B-bender guitar. Jeff played with the hard-rocking New England band August in the 1980s, and now regularly plays with The Sara Petite Band and The Sickstring Outlaws. He's the real deal, and The Sea Monks couldn't be happier about making music with him!

Jeff Houck The Sea Monks.jpg
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